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Bio Statement However, the use of toothpaste against herpes involves some problems: Thus, the toothpaste can dry very stubbornly and then only be removed with strong friction. In doing so, parts of the lip vesicle can tear open seborrheic keratosis removal hydrogen peroxide. The problem is that the wound thus opened is susceptible to contamination and that viruses can again multiply in the wet environment. In addition there is the danger of the additional

Irritation of the infected site due to aggressive ingredients in the toothpaste. Not infrequently, dyes and preservatives are included as well as alcohol-based or acid-based ingredients. Strong bleaching agents are also used to lighten teeth Seborrheic Dermatitis. Of course, all these substances are not suitable for use against skin infections, but only aggravate them. Also other home remedies are not particularly good to remove lipherpes faster.

A commonly used compound is also tea tree oil. However, this is most suitable for use before the visible inflammation has developed. Otherwise we inflame the inflamed tissue only, can then additionally be reddened and swell. Also pure alcohol should not be given directly on the Lippenherpes. It cleans the affected area well from viruses, but possibly provides for additional skin irritations at the Lippenherpes. Effective as moderately  seborrheic dermatitis hair loss temporary effective home remedies such as tea, honey or melissa are certainly proven, prescription-free medicines. It is almost always used as a herbal antiviral, but it can also be given in the form of creams or ointments.

What helps against Lippenherpes - At a glance

    Lippenherpes must dry out
    After the formation of crusts, it usually heals without residue
    Drugs with virostatics act reliably and quickly
    Home remedies can have a negative effect
    Toothpaste dries firmly, cracking on the herpes can result from the removal of the paste
    Toothpaste against herpes contains too many lovely ingredients
    Swelling and open wounds are susceptible to the emergence of new viruses and impurities
    Alcohol disinfects well, but can also cause severe irritation
    Proper, non-prescription medicines should be used better
    Quick and easy to use
    Support the natural healing process