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Ardi Bahalwan

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Large-pored skin can seriously damage the skin of affected patients. It is particularly susceptible to skin contamination which can be caused by the highly greasy skin. Then it is not so easy to find effective methods to refine the skin seborrheic dermatitis face treatment. Not only are problems and causes that promote large pores in their formation, but also the procedure for rough skin structure. After all, even large-pored skin can be treated and improved by different actions, substances or household remedies.
What are the most common problems and causes of large-pored skin?

    Often, the skin structure is genetic, that is, congenital
    Therefore, large-pored skin can not be directly improved by one to the other day
    Patients then suffer from increased fat production of the skin
    Follows are caused by blockages of skin pores such as blackheads or pimples
    As a result, the skin pores expand permanently and become even more susceptible to dirt accumulation
    As the age grows, the skin image usually does not improve, the pores increase in size
    Exposure to the sun can adversely affect cell wall stability, and the pores can spread more easily
    Poor eating habits as well as little exercise can generally contribute to the appearance of the skin
    Deteriorating can be large-pored skin due to alcohol or nicotine

What helps with large-pored skin?

Unfortunately, the appearance of the skin can not be altered in its nature, since it is certainly genetic. Rather, it should be a question of making large-pored skin appear more refined with targeted interventions. Therefore, an increase in the pores must necessarily be counteracted. Finally, large pores, which have been produced by expansion cure for seborrheic dermatitis on scalp, can no longer be reduced. Rudimentary is in any case a healthy skin care. This should be thorough, but not exaggerated. The pores should be well cleansed of excess tallow and grease.