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Located on the busy streets and noisy, but this place still holds the old definition of peace and luxury, this place has always been famous with countless types of fresh seafood, high-grade with dishes made from 80% Lobster.
The restaurant was built by the architecture of French - Vietnamese characteristic always gives a feeling of cozy intimacy and friendly with total capacity of 130 guests, with 5 VIP rooms (capacity per room 10 - 30 people). Owning a luxurious space, elegant and cozy restaurant is the very place suitable for the reception of guests or organize the family party. To the Lobster restaurant, travelers with Vietnam visa will enjoy the luxurious dish made from lobster, such as lobster, Australian lobster, blue lobster Alasaka with many kinds of seafood such as: oysters, oysters, squid, shrimp, crab, sea snails, oysters , Tu comedy Canada , abalone, Japanese, grouper blue which is prepared from the raw fresh seafood, high quality through the process of processing reasonable and sophistication of the professional chef in this place to create these dishes with the delicious taste that unique: lobster sashimi, lobster baked phoma or lobster with salt and pepper, lobster with stir fried ginger onions doused in butter, hugging the lobster with salt and pepper or lobster steamed with ginger onions, daylight, lobster, or shrimp salad, lobster.... Stand up in the dish at this is gift Set lobster “ 8 DISHES” include: weather, lobster (lobster is swimming, cut more at the table), Soup, seafood, Salad mixed vegetables, grilled Oyster with onion/ or eat salad, grilled Scallop with salt and chilli, grilled lobster with garlic butter or lobster remove plots of cottage cheese with fresh cream, are head-on shrimp, Fruit desserts with raw meat and shrimp fresh - flavored, unique, and reasonable price is always attractive to the gourmet. When eating seafood can not lack of wine, besides enjoying the food, diners are spoilt for choice in the type of wine, the restaurant has a wine room with a lot of the wines famous come from these countries: chile , dalat wine , Italian wine , French... or the type of wine, heavy Cognac , Hennessy , Whisky , Vodka , Chivas, Champagne , or Brandy .... customers can just enjoy the food with full nutrients in an open space, airy, you can choose yourself a seat appropriate to their interests enjoy the feeling of peace among the green foliage, and enjoy watching the lobster fresh meat swimming in a glass tank, the staff friendly gesture awfully friendly and stylish service standards Europe, will make the guests feel cheery and fun to this place. Come to seafood restaurant Lobster to immerse ourselves into the culinary space special and feel those memorable moments with the love.

Source: Du Lich